Types of Flowers Available in India for Same Day Delivery

Alstroemeria Bouquet

Indian florists have years of knowledge in the industry and they are highly skilled. There are many of them who are award winners. They are so talented and this makes them able to design the bouquet with excellence.

Flowers are the best part of any kind of celebration.  They fill the area with positivity and also increase the happiness. There are many occasions when you can gift flowers to your loved ones and these occasions include Valentine’s Day, Birthday, Mother’s Day and much more in the list.

You can give flowers to anyone because this gift is appreciated by the person of every age. But when you give flowers to anyone you should keep one thing in your mind that flowers should look like they are freshly plucked from the farm.

If flowers are spoiled and not in good condition this will not bring a charming smile on the face of your loved ones.  There are a variety of flowers that are available in the market that include roses, lilies, gerberas, daisies, and tulips. Now with the advanced technology flowers are just one click away from you people. Online portals for flower delivery give you many options that include mid night delivery and same day delivery. Here is some list of flowers that are available for same day flower delivery in Chennai.

Different Types of Flowers Available for Same Day Delivery


Roses are considered as the ever green flower and also they are available at the best prices. Florists have a variety of colors of roses available and you can choose rose according to your wish that is getting fit for your occasion. When you want to convey your love and sentiments then these roses are best and easily send a message to others.

Yellow rose bouquet


Carnations are beautiful flowers that you can send to your loved ones. These flowers also give masculine feeling and this is the reason you can send these flowers to your father also. These flowers send to some particular occasion when you have to say someone that you are proud of them. These beautiful flowers symbolize love, arrogance, loveliness, and devotion. You can get these exotic carnations at florist shop anywhere.


Lilies are very beautiful flowers and they can easily convey your sentiments to your loved ones. It is not possible that you can attend every occasion of your families or friends. But with the help of online portals, you can order the beautiful lilies and send to your loved ones. Flowers are a good way to express your emotions to someone. These beautiful lilies symbolize beauty, purity, charm, and innocence.lilies bunch with vase


There are many varieties of flowers around you that you can easily get from the florist’s shops for same day delivery. If you are thinking to gift flowers to someone very elegant you can gift orchids to them. You can give them to your special someone on any occasion. These beautiful flowers will surely cast a magical spell on the recipient and he/she will never forget this moment. These beautiful flowers are considered luxurious and always add freshness and glory to your space. It is the symbol of beauty, luxury, and strength.

Violet Orchids


Rajnigandha is another beautiful flower that you can gift to your friends. These scented fragrant flowers are the epitome of love and purity. When you want to show your love to someone then you can send these beautiful flowers to them. These are the best flower to gift to your wife and fiancée on the different occasions that include birthday, anniversaries and Valentine’s Day.


These beautiful flowers can help to lift your mood because these are vibrant, exotic and beautiful flowers.  These beautiful flowers can be gifted when you have shown emotions like happiness, best of luck, say congratulations and also show gratitude to someone. These beauties are so attractive because of their different colors and wide petals.

Pink Gerberas